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V Diamonds is an ultra-luxury brand focusing on blue diamonds and handcrafted jewelry from Geneva.

V Diamonds values personal relationships. An unparalleled gallery is accessed only by invitation, allowing full privacy and focused attention to clients as well as our adaptability to individual preferences during private viewings.

Like a billion miracles, the path to paradise begins here.









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A Worthy Investment


Our focus on unique blue diamonds is not only driven by the exceptional beauty of this particular class of diamonds. It is the fastest growing category of jewels, suitable for high-value connoisseurs who appreciate rarity as well as the performance of their assets. Fancy colored blue diamonds are hardly available in the market and being among the world’s most portable wealth, they have a more attractive investment potential than most other colored or colorless diamonds. Their saturation is a key factor, with fancy intense, fancy vivid and fancy deep commanding top premiums, validated through auction records over the last 10 years. Blue diamonds from V™ are today’s ultimate possessions, and will continue to be for decades and centuries to come.


Prices for 1 to 5 carat fancy intense / vivid / deep blue diamonds:



We have curated a destination which exemplifies a strong appreciation of painstakingly handcrafted jewelry. Such artisanal talent is a highly sought after trade which today, is priceless and an almost disappearing skill. V™ is committed to supporting and growing this tradition


Conflict Free

All of our diamonds are of a conflict-free provenance and GIA certified. We guarantee not to trade any illegally mined diamonds. Complementing the distinct insignia of our high jewelry creations, the “V” trademark and GIA number is inscribed in each of our blue diamonds. A meaningful message or initials of a loved one may be additionally personalized on your blue diamond.



Technology is transforming our lives at an ever increasing pace. While we invest in passing the art of high-end handmade jewelry to future generations, we also engage in new technologies that improve our world. V™ accepts the option of cryptocurrency payments from its valued clients.



V Diamonds is redefining diamond investing by using blockchain technology. We believe anyone should have the opportunity to be an owner and investor in unique blue diamonds and celebrity jewellery creations, that have consistently outperformed the standard diamond market in value appreciation. Participating in our Initial Coin Offerings done for each high-jewellery creation individually, our clients can select which diamond they want to own, and how much they want to invest.


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