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Located next to the display of medieval cannons in Vieille Ville, Maison Tavel is the oldest house in Geneva. Inside, it has a 3D model of Geneva which shows the town from 1850, when it was smaller and still had fortifications. An architect spent 18 years sculpting this intricate map entirely using zinc and copper.

Maison Tavel was referenced as a design inspiration for Joie De Vivre. The rectangular brick façade of the museum is mirrored on the ring band through emerald cut diamonds that have been placed to millimeter precision. The circular silhouette of Maison Tavel is reflected through a selection of striking crescent shaped diamonds in the jewelry creation.


A conical construction anchored at the top of Maison Tavel influenced masters of the atelier – the pointed edges of pear cut diamonds resemble a spire. Befitting of a royal court, the configuration of the pears have a further significance. They were positioned just like the sequence of a clock in the “3”, “6”, “9” and “12” hours, because the garden of Maison Tavel holds the remains of a Roman watch tower.

Joie De Vivre is a mosaic of diamonds that harmoniously blends connotations of the museum with nature. It embodies a futuristic appearance of snow patterns.


Normally, snow particles are irregular since the shape of a snowflake is determined primarily by the temperature and humidity at which it is formed. The blue color in the oval diamond is a highlight of Joie De Vivre, depicting the innocence and trustworthiness of feathery ice crystals.

To observe snowflakes floating in the expansive space of the air is a hypnotic moment. Each one is divine and unique, revealing that no two diamonds are ever exactly the same. It leaves a remarkable expression that cannot be expressed in words.


GIA certified Blue Diamond Ring handcrafted in Platinum
2.58 carat Fancy Intense Blue Oval Cut Diamond centerpiece,
Very Slightly Included (VS) clarity grade
surrounded by 4 Pear, 4 Crescent and 10 Emerald Cut Colorless Diamonds, totaling 3.87 carat, E – G color, Very Slightly Included (VVS – VS) clarity grade
White Gold polished, hallmarked “PT950” and “V Genève”