Falling in Love


At first glance, the external framework of Sous Le Charme simply echoes a diamond motif. However, it is a unification of the “V” hallmark and the mountains of the Swiss Alps. This was envisaged to create a nurturing embrace of protection around the magnific jewel showpiece, simulating the panorama of a personalized art gallery.

White mountain peaks shining in the blue sky among fluffy clouds look like glittering sparklers. Diamonds chosen to be polished in the carre style are those that have the perfect uncut structure – a pyramid format whose sides and facets are all equal in size. An oasis of precious carre cut diamonds glides along the necklace’s fabric.


A blue radiant cut diamond was meticulously engaged to illustrate the pride of eternity over matter. In existence, anything that is vast and beyond the human perception generally tends to be blue, whether it is the ocean or the sky.

While in its rough state, the blue diamond in Sous Le Charme was hardly symmetrical in formation which meant that with one miscalculation, one slip, and its color would have disappeared completely. Sous Le Charme floats in the air through a positive force defying gravity. It is suspended on a lustrous platinum chain that provides a fluid visual effect when worn.


Specially commissioned to invert alternately, triangular shaped diamonds promise profuse access to the recondite mysteries of nature. They grace and emulate the anatomy of cone bearing pine trees. Drawing on a vibrant blue hue decorated with scrolls of brilliance, Sous Le Charme evokes fond childhood memories that rests closest to the heart.

A VTM creation cannot be compared to anything else in the high jewelry world. It is a celebratory treat, more comparable with a mega-yacht or private jet.


GIA certified Blue Diamond Necklace handcrafted in Platinum
3.10 carat Fancy Deep Blue Radiant Cut Diamond centerpiece,
Slightly Included (SI) clarity grade
surrounded by 32 Trillion and 46 Carre Cut Colorless Diamonds,
totaling 4.33 carat, F – G color, Very Slightly Included (VVS – VS) clarity grade
White Gold polished, hallmarked “PT950” and “V Genève”